Coby may have a netbook plan after all?

Sure, cheap electronics maker Coby has denied reports that it would be releasing a cheap netbook-like computer. But in this industry a denial is about as believable as a promise. Anyway, the folks at jkOnTheRun did a little trademark search, and guess what they found? Coby has filed to trademark the term “Coby Netbook.”

Sure, it’s possible that the company considered a netbook and then decided not to make one. Or maybe this is some sort of a preemptive thing to make sure nobody else tries to market a netbook under the company’s name. But it’s also possible that Coby does have something up their sleeve.

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4 thoughts on “Coby may have a netbook plan after all?


    Great! Let Coby and Psion fight over the netbook name. I love it!

  2. Linc (MonkeyKing)

    I don't know why I like this idea so much? But, I just tingle thinking about a COby Netbook.It must be like a Yugo back in 80s, nobody really would have wanted that car if it was made by Ford, Toyota, or Nissan, but it was weird, cheap, and Soviet-bloc Yugoslavian It was horrible, so it was something special. The best part about a Yugo is it was better then an AMC Pacer, better then a Chevy Chevette, and far better then anything GM could make in terms of a samll car. The Yugo was crap, but it was really-really-really cheap and much better then a cheap American car.A Coby Computer would likely be the YUGO for this century, but I dare people NOT to be interested if it ever happens. I would even say the cheaper it looks, the more odd choices & flaws it has…. the more people would love it. I think the world is ready for the ANTI-iBook. Horrible style, questionable design, and cheap as hell will be what sells in this Depression Economy.

  3. DougC3

    You're making me nostalgic. I always regretted not ordering a Soviet-made Zorki 35mm camera back in the 70s. A cheap copy of the Leica II, they were shipped directly from Soviet Russia, complete with government documentation, in a tiny wooden crate covered with burlap and sealed with sealing wax 🙂

  4. savethenetbooks

    “Save the Netbooks” campaign launched to fight impending trademark threatThe “Save the Netbooks” campaign is fighting the impending trademark threat from Psion Teklogix, who have given until the end of March 2009 to cease using the term citing trademarks relating to a line of products discontinued over 5 years ago.For more information visit that trademark was rejected because of confusing similarity with the Psion mark. Pity.

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