Compaq Mini 700 dissected

A few weeks ago jkkmobile picked up a shiny new HP Mini 1000 netbook and then proceeded to rip the thing to shreds just to show us what lies on the inside. He’s pretty good at taking things apart and putting them back together again, but he didn’t exactly provide detailed instructions for those who want to follow suit. Fortunately Netbook Italia has done just that… for anyone who can read Italian (or ut up with a computer translated version of the web page).

Netbook Italia’s guide includes step by step instructions for disassembling a Compaq Mini 700 netbook, which is pretty much exactly the same machine as the HP Mini 1000. The only difference is the logo.  If all you want to do is upgrade the RAM, there’s an easy access panel on the bottom of the laptop. To get at the hard drive, you’ll need to remove the keyboard. And for more advanced surgery, you can strip the netbook down to its bones. Hopefully if you reverse the procedure you can put things back together again too.

via Engadget

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